Epic Games sale (May 20 - June 17)


Brutally Honest
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You forgot the most important part. By default there is a 750 INR Coupon but I guess the same has to be above 1099 INR to use this coupon. And with every purchase, you get another 750 INR Coupon.
Price after coupon is mentioned in the sheet.

Also RDR2 looks like a good deal
Finally gave in and purchased Hitman 3 for 669 after holding out for 4 months. Death Stranding for less than 1k is also a good deal in general.
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I am thinking about if I should waste ₹749 on Watch Dogs Legion. I know it has terrible reviews but I did enjoy the last two games very much and it is the only game in my wish list that doesn't have an "ahem" version.
Aye, I wanted to buy Borderlands 3 and GTA 5 but holding out as the sale has no time limit which is great.
Both sale and coupon will expire on 17th June
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