Excellent brand for Electrical sockets/switches?



I am looking for recommendations for a good brand for Electrical Sockets and switches.

1. I will need 1 way, 2 way and dimmable switches.

2. 3 Pin socket _has_ to support US/EU and Indian plugs. 2 Pin socket should preferably support sockets the 2 different width between the 2 legs.

Legrand and Schneider have all of these things in their stores. I have had good experience with Schneider but don't know much about Legrand. And is there any other brand I should check out?
Belkin or Honeywell, if you can get your hands on the original one's.
Honeywell will be difficult to find. Does belkin make electrical sockets? Even on their website I can only really find stuff like surge protectors/extension boards. They don't have listings for in wall sockets