Firefox testing new paid subscription in USA for content


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Today we are launching a new Test Pilot initiative called Firefox Better Web with Scroll. The Firefox Better Web initiative is about bringing the ease back to browsing the web. We know that publishers are getting the short end of the stick in the current online ad ecosystem and advertising networks make it difficult for excellent journalism to thrive. To give users what they want most, which is great quality content without getting tracked by third parties, we know there needs to be a change. We’ve combined Firefox and Scroll’s growing network of ad-free sites to offer users a fast and private web experience that we believe can be our future.

To try the Firefox Better Web online experience, Firefox users simply sign up for a Firefox account and install a web extension. As a Test Pilot, it will only be available in the US. The membership is 50% off for the first six months at $2.50 per month. This goes directly to fund publishers and writers, and in early tests we’ve found that sites make at least 40% more money than they would have made from showing you ads.


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They want me to pay for reading "5 tips for spring cleaning"??

Firefox is not an honest broker. Remember that firefox sacked its CEO because he opposed gay marriage. They are an agenda laden corporate that want control over what you see (and some money). I doubt the content will be anything other than sanitized feelgood crap to dull your senses.

Google already does a good job of pushing LGBTQIPXTO@#%@# perversion (type "men can " in google search box and watch the suggestions). What do we need firefox for?
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dont trust privacy with anyone. not even firefox. Richard Stallman FTW.