First off-the-shelf Zune in India ...


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My good friend, Sriram Krishnan has got himself - what he thinks is the "first off the shelf Zune in india ",and has shared few photos and comments....

# It feels soft and silky. As opposed to the iPod which feels sleek. The Zune is *very* nice to touch - you don't want to let go

# The videos are of high quality. To my rough eye, I would say that it is better than the PSP

# The UI is very nice and smooth - especially all the zooming and fading when going from screen to screen

# It looks bulkier than the iPod :-(. When you hold it though, you can't discern any weight difference


Check out the full post here.... for more details and photographs....

PS: ofcourse it did help that he is a Program Manager @MS,Hyde . ;)


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The screen has the same colour depth as the Ipod which displays around 62k so i don't think its gonna match the 262k colours of the Zen, leave alone the 16.8mil colours of the psp.


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the only drawback of this player is tht it cannot work like an external hdd unlike the Ipod...........otherwise it's rocking and btw it 240$ on Newegg........


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zune is not even in the same league as the ipod . there are many things why its not worth , but the major plus is the wifi . id love to see that being incorporated in the ipod .