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Hi folks

I never bought anything online. recently I decided to give it a try for two things, one a SDHC 8GB Class 10 memory card and a DSLR Lens. Surprisingly, both were listed with prices lower than the market price and moreover, I could get a 3 months or 6 months EMI option for products worth of Rs.4000 or more. The I decided to search the net for any review of Flipkart, but I am got more confused. The ratings simply varies from one end of the scale to the other.

So did anyone here used Flipkart.com? Any experience about their delivered product and after sales service? The lens I intend to buy will set me lighter by 20k or more. So can't really take any chances and can't afford to run from pillar to post later.

Thank you
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Flipkart is the best ( And I mean it ) E-Commerce website in India.

Trust it and experience the service first hand .
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its the best and the safest, bought couple of things from them :)
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Bought lots of stuff from Flipkart..including my beloved Galaxy S2:eek:hyeah:

It's very safe and has a great customer support..Go for it!
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I had very bad experience with flipkart, when i bought my Dell XCD 35, which was a DOA and they made me travel 80+80 Km to a dell service center and beg them to produce a DOA certificate and courier back the phone for a replacement. I procured the DOA warranty and it was then the dell service center guys said, they can provide a replacement and i took that easy route after spoiling one whole week talking to the moro*$ CC at FK. Checkout FK's facebook page for more stories for good not delivered/DOA and the likes.

In my opinion letsbuy is far more reliable and seems to be more professional.

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adi8800GTX said:
Bought lots of stuff from Flipkart..including my beloved Galaxy S2:eek:hyeah:

It's very safe and has a great customer support..Go for it!

They may seems reliable, but its the Samsung which was really reliable in your case. If there was some case of DOA, you are doomed if it was from flipkart. I think you got my point. They are just not concerned once you pay for a stuff.


smartshoppers.in is another site having good collection of DSLR lenses and accessories.
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Basically the point is that each and every online buying source will have its share of good and bad reviews.

Buyers who are posting those reviews can be divided into following types:

Good Reviews:

1. People who never had any trouble with their buying (90% of the good reviews will be by these and as such they may not be much reliable as these will generally be isolated experiences).

2. People who had a trouble which got resolved by the site (the rest 10%, usually more reliable than the others).

Bad Reviews:

1. Shipping delay issues (can be very irritating but usually not very serious given the fact that most sites do not stock any products and they just take orders from buyers and pass it on).

2. Dead on arrival issues (as pointed in above post) and faulty/wrong item delivered (these are usually the worst cases as they mean running around, trying to contact the site, getting standard replies, waiting, and not to mention the tension that comes with it).

3. No communication issues (these can be common with some newer sites but good sites like Flipkart, etc can also be involved in this especially with DOA, replacement issues, etc).

4. Courier issues (these are also growing in number and there are not many reliable courier services around but usually the buyer can't do anything about choosing a courier unless the site has such provision. Bluedart and TNT are supposedly the best).

5. Item not received issues (the worst cases, can be due to various reasons).

6. Wrong/Trivial reviews (can be widespread due to various reasons like lack of knowledge about procedures to follow in case of problems).

So, one should try to look at the reviews with an open mind as not all are that much reliable.

I've seen people giving negative ratings to sellers on Ebay for trivial reasons.

Based on all that, sites like Flipkart, Letsbuy, Ebay (depending on which seller you choose) are pretty much reliable as long as everything goes fine.

If you get a genuine problem then you may have to do some running around but there's a better chance of getting it resolved with the above sites.

PS: I have used the word usually very often just to make it clear that this is just my view and numerous other possibilities also exist.
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OK i have bought 2 mobile phones from flipkart which were 40 to 100rs cheaper than the one's available in the retail stores delivery was prompt the packaging was EXCELLENT

i paid in advances for one mobile whereas the other one i ordered through COD ,

so if you are a first time online shopper get your stuff through flipkart via COD cause that will be the best and safe option for you, when i got the mobile phone i ripped open the package and saw whether the phone was ok after which i gave the courier guy the money.and he was happy to oblige.

also flipkart use thier own delievery service for shipping delicate items both of my mobile phones got delievered through thier delievery .

hope this helps
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ubergeek said:
also flipkart use thier own delievery service for shipping delicate items both of my mobile phones got delievered through thier delievery .

I think thats only in places flipkart has warehouses, like delhi/NCR, maybe Bangalore,etc
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Flipkart gives one of the best online service. They are pretty quick and responsive. I do all my book shopping from flipkart.
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Its for the same reason as Dominator that i did not get my ASUS router from HS18, as then it would become a headache, plus if anything went wrong while installing DD-WRT, then another big problem.

If you do plan to get the lens from them, just call up the CC and mention that the package is well wrapped. Personally, I would be hesitant to buy such fragile items online, as the risk is too high.
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+1 for Flipkart, had few purchases from them and so far had one "not-so-good" experience with a refund. Considering the other available options, FK is one of the better ones in India.
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FLIPKART is the best e-commerce website in India. It has the best deals and the prices and availability of items is top notch. Service is superb, customer service is brilliant. Shipping is fast and secure. It is easily the best among the lot.

I always recommend people to buy from Flipkart.
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Thanks guys for your inputs...

I have called the FK's CC guys a couple of times regarding a technical details for two products that I intend to buy:

1. Transcend 8GB class10, costs 659 @FK and 975 @retail stores. (no mention whether it's the ultimate version)

2. Tamron 90mm Macro Lens: 20759 @ FK but higher everywhere else except grey, where the lens retails for about 1.5-2k less. Though they are providing installment facilities which is very tempting for me considering this is the Pujo month, and we all bangalis (except those who are filthy rich) are little short on cash.

Trouble is, though the CCs promised, they never returned my call. Letsbuy does not have the lens in stock.

I am not happy with Smartshopper, because they list the above lens as of MRP 29995, which Tamron has revised to be 25995. But that is not reflected and they are advertising the discount on the old MRP- which I consider false and unethical mode of conducting business. I even wrote them a letter, but still they refused to correct the advertised MRP at their site.
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Call them again and sort your query. They will surely help.
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Flipkart is quite good...buy as usual they dont have a single geek/techie in the CC section . This is the problem when u r ready to pay only 10k per mnth salary for CC jobs ! On the other hand Flipkart is being valued at almost 1 Billion by VCC Circle :p...but they have no money to hire a good technical desk persons. Dream big , amazon ex-employees but finally with cheap Indian mentality to save up more cash for themselves :p and rake up as much as moolah through funding and buy those BMWs /Audis .

Just for testing ask those flipkart CC about MB/s and mbps, or about if the mobile is HSUPA and they flounder ! In Bangalore they cant find ppl....where they will I dont know.
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Tell me 'bout it....there back end sales team is equally worse on technical knowledge.

Anyways, yesterday I was lucky to get a very helpful CC and he checked and told me that the lens is not available at "Kolkata Warehouse" so even if I order, it would take some time for me to get that. But the SDHC card was in stock at Kolkata. So I went ahead and ordered the MC. He told me to call FK again after ordering and make a request to deliver it ASAP. So I did. And the guy there was also very helpful and told me after the puja holidays are over on 6th, he would make sure that the courier people deliver mine before 8th. Let's see what happens.
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I have bought from a lot of sites online, and Flipkart ranks amongst the best in the list. I really love their professionalism and approach to customer care.
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The card was delivered to my doorstep in today late afternoon through Blue Dart. Very well packaged and excellent customer service. The delivery was also very prompt considering:

1. The product came from Delhi

2. There was 4 days of holiday starting on the day I actually placed the order.

Moreover the pricing is really very attractive.....A Transcend Ultimate Class 10 8GB SDHC for 659/-, otherwise costs 975/- at retail stores, if at all available. All retailers mainly store the class 4 version.

So for a low valued item, the experience is really excellent.