FS: Mobile Fly huge battery backup dual sim phone

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Hi, this phone is for sale"

Fly MV282
condition : 8/10
backup : 20 days standby
screen 2.2"
Purchase date is like 7-8 months ago, Invoice isnt available, currently misplaced in other papers.
its a company like micromax which rebrands chinese products and sells, this phone was bought for 2000 to keep on my farmhouse because its the biggest standby phone available in market.
Rs 1000 shipped
Check latest pm,fund has been transferred to your a/c today and sent you shipping details,do the needful thank you.
Waiting for courier details.[DOUBLEPOST=1376985095][/DOUBLEPOST]Knock Knock Knock...........still waiting for courier details.
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Hey its blazeflash, Isnt it yet reached? Ill give u tracking number tomorrow morning.[DOUBLEPOST=1377018739][/DOUBLEPOST]Maybe because of rakhi traffic.
Unless and Untill you give me courier details how can I know that it is in way to destination?Sorry but you never provided me any feedback on this since last Friday.
What is your problem can you tell me?You are not responding and trying to stop others as well!Now please don't tell that you will send me courier details next week.
Well buddy you are acting weird for a delay caused by courier trouble , they gave the pack back today because they wanted declaration of some sort for phone.
I couriered again paying 100 extra through maruti couriers using their airway thing so that it reaches you fastest, receipt is being pmed to you.[DOUBLEPOST=1377102058][/DOUBLEPOST]..and you wrote i am not responding, i sent you a message last night 11 pm, do u expect me to keep updating u every hour for a 900 bucks used phone, come on man.[DOUBLEPOST=1377103403][/DOUBLEPOST]Thanks for the feedback, inspite of the fact that i have pmed you the tracking receipt, i am posting it here and, man nobody cant be as impatient as you are.
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900 or 9000 or 90,000 this deal was between strangers,I have had a deal with number of people here as well as in other forum but till this date none acted like you with false promises,why you did not disclose that packet was with courier and he returned it back to you then again handed over to new courier?
Always remember,after sales service and here it means keeping words came out of seller's mouth regarding dispatch.None I found in this case.
Hey man, the courier guy pics it from my office because we have dozens of documents daily, as usual, and returns receipts next day, But he did return box after 3 days because of weekend and rakhi as he needed some extra amount or document, i have no idea because my office guys deals with him so i got it couriered from other service, Oh come on I am not going to track it hourly, as usual it was going to get shipped without any hiccup but some phone related policy of theirs made this returned back in 2 working days. I dunno why you think i make false promises, delays do happen man, i ordered a phone on amazon on 13th and its not yet delivered, so what, it happens in buying stuff online.
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