FS 2 (dvd drive) +coolmaster HYPER TX AMD SOCKET ( HSF fan)

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Warning: Do Not Trade
i never use but it it work

that coolmaster hsf fan is for amd socket only AM2, 939 754
Cooler Master
it has power up 3 heat pi[es also super silent only 22 dba :eek:hyeah:

HSF FAN FOR AMD ONLY PRICE 1600/- i bought it from usa

that dvd r+w is sony still 1 year old and unused
here link Sony Storage Solutions

also dvd combo is samsung
SAMSUNG's Digital World - Combo Drives | SH-M522C

also dvd rom too but not working still not working some samsung octo reader
also i have 8600 gt xfx card for sale but i need trade high end card :(
it has 3 year warrthy and good fps above 37 fps at cryisis

btw i need u exchange that card need 8800 gts or ati 1950 xt or 2xxx serials

pls made clear post :p without warranty that gpu card

also i need thermal paste heat stink too ;)

reason going update 19 lcd or 22 used or new

also i have 2 lost planet extreme dvd with steam code too :hap2:

more i also have unused modem for broadband connect ZYXEL prestige 645r-a1 ADSL router with power supply ;) only 300 buck :ashamed:
pm me at ma message g-talk arunpethachi@gmail.com :D
well i see the price drop 30$ :S

any way cong aasimenator for search price very well :p

now drop 1700 negio remember india getting little profile ;)

for coolmaster hx hsf fan 1700
Not open for further replies.