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Putting up 3 more HDDs for sale.

First the Seagate:
Drive Serial No.: 5QE4BCMT
Type: 250GB SATA
Warranty: The Warranty is valid upto 04-August-2012
Remarks: Drive is NOT SINGLE PLATTER
Note: Used as Data Store
Price: 1550/- Shipped (FIXED)
There are 2 HITACHI drives.
One is working perfectly:
Drive Serial No.: S5UPJHZN
Type: 80GB PATA
Warranty: The Warranty is valid upto 31-October-2010
Note: Used as Boot Drive
Price: 850/- Shipped (FIXED)

SOLD TO cursed
One HITACHI needs to be RMAed
Drive Serial No.: S5UPTXLM
Type: 80GB PATA
Warranty: The Warranty is valid upto 31-October-2010
Note: Needs to be RMAed as it is not detected by the OS. I was using this as a XBOX (Original) drive and was locked. Sold the XBOX. Forget to unlock the drive before selling the XBOX. Can get it RMAed on my own but need to do it through some dealer. Got it from Delhi so not worth the hassle for me.
Price: 450/- Shipped (FIXED)

The 80GB (to be RMAed) sold to cursed
The 250GB sold to cooldude_007
c2quadro, you need to confirm whether you are willing to deal with me. If you're not willing to chance it, then sushantV is in line for the 250GB and cursed for the (to be RMAed) 80GB.
wats rma?? replacement??

n can this pata drive b used as an external hdd wid the enclosure on??

sry im a noob
Yes, RMA stands for Return Material Authorization. Which basically means replacement.

Yes, if you have an external enclosure, you can use all the above drives, externally.

sushantV & cursed. YGPM
intel_1366 said:
you just sold 320GB to me, which needs replacement, now again looking for 250GB ?

320GB SATA which I got from itwares recently and was under warranty, perhaps damaged in transit. You had the offer to return it to me.

Now, what makes you guess that I am looking for a 250GB ? I am trying to get a faulty 80GB PATA Hitachi as a backup drive for old comp. I have plans for it.

I am trying to understand Why would you jump into this thread posting OT.
I've PMed u long back regarding the 250GB hdd buddy, I'll transfer the money by tomorrow.
Pls make it fast coz i'm running out of disk space, The low-space warning balloon is getting on my nerves:mad:
80GB (to be RMAed) sold to cursed.

80GB (working) to be confirmed by gcbeldar. If he does not take it, its available. Will be confirmed by morning.

@cooldude_007: Please confirm. You taking the 250GB? If yes, I am pming you my account details.

@others: Please don't crap my sale. You have other means to communicate with one another.
The 80GB Hitachi is still up for grabs. Was on hold for gsnkalyan. He messaged me on Wednesday and asked for my a/c. details. No news or messages from him since then. So I consider that he does not want it. Price of 850/- (shipped) still holds!
The 80GB Hitachi is still unsold. People ask me to keep it on hold and don't respond after taking my account details. I will be putting this 80GB back up on sale tomorrow along with some other stuff in a new thread. Thanks to cursed and cooldude_007 who picked up the other 80GB and the 250GB.
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