FS: 250GB Seagate SATA II Hard Drive

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Putting up my Seagate 250GB hard drive for sale.

Model No: ST3250820SV

Details: Seagate Technology - SV35.2 SATA 250-GB Hard Drive

Seagate® created the SV35.2 Series™ specifically for the surveillance industry—incorporating unique features that provide a better solution than drives intended for other industries. SV35.2 Series hard drives are designed to save power and space and improve reliability in digital surveillance solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

* 8-MB cache
* Multiple video streams can be written at once
* Video read/write profiles allow greater control over operation utilizing ATA7 Streaming Commands
* Spin-down feature and PowerOn control allow for cooler operation and power savings
* 5-year warranty


* Digital video surveillance systems
* Digital video surveillance arrays
Reason: Going for a higher capacity drive.

Condition: Bought in Aug '07 from PRIME ABGB. No bad sectors. However, one small problem; The L-bridge of the pwr connector's broken. :( Here:

Warranty: 5 yr warranty applies. Expiration on 23-Jul-2012. Check it yourself: Warranty Validation [Serial No: 6QE1KQQV]

PM me for any queries.
TY. :)
dexterz said:
just one query wont the broken Lbridge void the warranty? :huh:

Hanzy called up Seagate; Here's his deal:

I called Seagate instead of waiting for a reply ....they said that any physical damange on the drive is a warranty null and void condition....however there are cases where we do consider the drive for claims and that totally depends on the escalation team and for that they need the pictures of the broken 'ports' on the hard drive....according to the decision of the escalation team the harddrive -may- / -may not- be considered for RMA. .....then i asked what if the port is chipped of a bit - answer : all depends on how the escalation team handles and considers the same.....

Anyhow, on hold for Hanzy. :)
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