FS: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ skt 939

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Hey everyone,

I want to sell off my Athlon 64 3000+ skt 939 processor that's been used for about a year. The thing is that I bought it from USA so I don't know whether there's any warranty applicable over here. At any rate, I'm willing to take it back and I'll have the money refunded if you find any problems with the processor. Basically it works perfectly. I have overclocked it maximum to 2 GHz. It runs be default at 1.83 GHz.

Purpose for sale: I want to upgrade to a dual-core X2 processor. I am willing to trade if anyone has an X2 to get rid of.

While mumbai buyers are preferred, I'll ship free of cost to the rest of India.

Price - Rs 2,000 including shipping. Not Negotiable.

Those interested can PM me, reply here or contact me directly at either the email specified in my profile or at this number


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Sorry to intrude into your thread, but if you do find a X2 socket 939 please do tell me about it, as Im also looking for the same, thank you and best wishes for your sale
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