FS: Amigo 80mm fan [BNIB from TheITWares]

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Picked two up a couple of days ago from TheITWares but figured that I'll hack my case to put a 120mm fan in there so I have to sell this. I have one installed already and it moves quite a bit of air and looks nice too.

Absolutely brand new in the box. TIW sells it for 95+50, I'm selling it for 85+shipping @ actuals.

Description (shamelessly copied from the TIW DO thread in the dealer section):
Model No - GT 8025 MSDL

Specs - -
Operation Voltage (V DC) - - 6.0 ~ 13.8
Rated Voltage (V DC) - - 12.0
Rated Current (AMP) - - 6.0
Input Power (Watt) - - 0.14A
Bearing System - - Long-Lived Bearing
Fan Speed (RPM) - - 2500
Airflow (CFM) - - 31.73

Static Pressure (mmH2O) - - 2.21
Noise Level (dBA) - - 26.50
MTBF (hours / 25 C) - - 25,000
Safety - - CE, UL, TUV
Dimension (mm) - - 80x80x25
Total Weight (gram) - - 87gms
Led Colors - - Blue-Red-Green-Orange (All in One)



(Rahul@TIW, if you're reading this thread, I'll place an order for a couple of 120mms shortly).


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I'll take 'em. I'm from Mumbai so local pick-up. PM me your address. We'll figure out where to meet up.


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^^ Just one mate. I don't work at ITWares. :D

I have another 80mm fan that's about 2-3 years old that I can sell for very cheap, if you're looking more more than one fan.


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Oh, cool i need like 3 or so 80mm fans that are going to become useless once i get a new cabinet(quite soon). Can you PM me your location etc.? Thanks :)


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Amien said:
I believe they have been sold to a local buyer.

Nope, not a local buyer, as in someone who's not on TE. malhotraraul from this forum took them. I'll lock this thread after the appropriate ratings have been given/received.
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