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For sale, Athlon XP 1800+ Palomino processor + heatsink-fan + thermal paste. Selling it because my Asus mobo went kaput so I purchased a completely new setup and now short of money for a good psu :ashamed: .

The details:

Original AMD Box Packed processor along with AMD stock heatsink-fan.
Processor OP Code: AX1800DMT3C
Processor Architecture: Athlon XP Model 6 Palomino
Frequency: 1533MHz actual frequency
Package Type: 453-pin organic PGA Socket A
Voltage (Core): 1.75V
Maximum Operating Temperature: 90* Celsius
L2 Cache: 256KB
Bus Frequency: 266Mhz

Coolermaster heatsink-fan (same shape and size as the AMD stock heat sink, not recommended for overclocking).
Snap Heat Sink Compund (10gm pack, around 30% used). Just your ordinary gooey white paste, nothing hi-fi :lol:.

# The processor is around 3 years old and the box obviously opened :p .
# Purchased on 22 May 2002 so a few months warranty still left which can be claimed from Unique Systems, Nehru Place, Delhi.
# Can't provide the original bill since I never got one, but the box is signed by the original seller, Sumit Malik of Unique Systems, 101B Siddartha Buildding,Nehru Place, New Delhi and I can assist if there are any warranty issues.
# Never overclocked. No problems whatsoever.

Expected Price: Rs. 1200

For ppl from Delhi, NCR region only, because I don't think it would be safe to courier this.

See the actual product images:

Processor Top

Processor - Pin Side

Processor - Box

Stock heatsink


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Hey Man! How much for da shippin n all ??? I am cumin to delhi sumwhere end of april.... I'll take it if u give it for 800 bucks !!
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