FS: BIG 7600 GT/ 7600 GS/ 7300 GT (awesomely cool prices!)

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Selling 3 brand new graphics cards with 3 years of warranty for the above prices.
buy the 7600 GT and get the original game JUST CAUSE (1.3 k ) absolutely free !
after campaigning this for awhile ive decided to drop the prices of the 7600 gt and 7600 gs.

remember people these cards are BRAND NEW. dont miss this opportunity !

7600 gt - 7 k

7600 gs - 5 k
i am amazed its still up for sale..thought it would be sold out within a day

.one of my frnd was lookin for a gfx card.will ask him and tell u...

does 7600 gt need dedicated power connector ??

also arun by any chance do u know shaam \shyam who plays for R.O.C.K clan and was present at the IIT tech fest...??
yeah i know shyam. but i dont know him well. i just see him at events and stuff like that.

as soulfire said, none of the cards need an extra power connector
come on ppl !

the 7300 gt is almost gone.

all thats left is the 7600 gt, and the 7600 gs. both very good cards ! and cheap too !
this is it , the final price drop

7600 gt - 6.75 k ('just cause' not free anymore)

7600 gs - 4.75 k

price drop for a period of 48 hours from now. after that theyre off sale.

mumbai buyers only.
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