FS : Corsair DDR2, Creative Xmod, Samsung 17" CRT, Stranger Cube amp, Sony DVD ROM

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Prices exclude shipping.Will ship anywhere though.Feel free to ask via PM if I've missed out on any details.Prices are negotiable for most items.Please guys, unless you're 100% sure about buying, do not reply in this thread.I'll listen to whatever you say via PMs only......Happy Buying :)

From now on I'm open to trades for something that I need.Item+cash will do.I'm always looking for headphones so lemme know what you've got.Plus I need a good Windows mobile & a HDT cooler plus more.....

Corsair XMS2 TWIN 2x2048-6400 DDR2 800MHz - SOLD
1GBx2 matched dual channel pair (TWIN2X2048-6400).Purchased on December 25 from Lamington Road & never used as I had 2GB Patriots running & a 32 bit OS.Just tested these & kept them aside for a later use which didn't happen.Warranty from Corsair India.Not sure whether it's 10 years or lifetime but the retailer will take all the hassles (if you want) for 3 years from Mumbai.Will include a copy of the bill but it won't be any good to people outside Mumbai.



Creative Xmod - 3000
This is a USB sound card but can double as a sound enhancer for other audio/mp3 devices.A must-have for people who want to get a very good quality sound out of their laptops.Purchased from NP, New Delhi on 12th Sept.08 for Rs. 4278.Don't own a Laptop anymore hence selling it off.Under warranty & bill included.


Samsung SyncMaster 753S 17" CRT Monitor - SOLD
Great condition & well maintained.Will prefer pickup from home but will ship anywhere at your own cost.


Stranger Cube 20M Guitar/Keyboard/Vocal Amplispeaker - SOLD
A decent amp for musicians at all levels.Used it for like 2 years but still hasn't lost sound quality.Looks a bit dusty due to lack of usage since a long time but will vaccum it clean for you.You will never find it any cheaper than this !



Mercury KOB845GL NDMx motherboard - SOLD
Mobo from my old system.Will give a 1 week testing warranty.

Features :

Chipset - Intel 845 GL
CPU FSB - 533/400MHz
Form Factor - Micro ATX
Onboard AC97 Audio
2x 32 bit PCI slots
1x CNR slot
Onboard Intel Extreme Graphics.
Supports IDE Ultra DMA bus mastering.Transfer rates - 33/66/100 MB/sec
6 USB 2.0 Ports - 4 Back + 2 onboard headers for front.
DDR RAM 266/333 MHz


Lan Card - Realtek RTL 8100C 10/100 Fast Ethernet - 80
Got a dual lan mobo hence don't need it.


Sony DVD ROM - 400
IDE & reads very well.


Speakers - XTech MX2-1500D 2.1 Black - 300
These have a big sound & thumping bass.



Sony Floppy Disk Drive - 20
Will give it away free with multiple purchases.You can use it to show off your old school dedication if not anything else. ;)

Ergonomic Gel mousepad - SOLD
Practically unused.Bought it just for testing it's ergonomics.Sticking to my Razer mousepad currently.



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** Corsair has 10 years warranty on RAM & its serviced by 22 Service Centers of Kobian across India no matter where its purchased.... .... :)


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MohitPreet said:
How Does The Creative X-mod Work To Increase The Sound Output Of Laptop!

The Xmod disables your onboard sound card the moment you plug it in your USB port.Then you can connect speakers or headphones to the Xmod.For more info check here.


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Everyone who posted here can head to their inboxes.

I've cut down the price of the LAN card as I thought 100 bucks was a bit unfair. :angel1:


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There are 5 people in line for the monitor already.You're the sixth if confirmed.Mumbai buyers will get preference due to it's size & weight.Gadi leke aao aur utha ke leke jaao ^^


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Winter said:
Some 0 poster PMd with your reference ? Still hold for you ?
Yes I was actually holding it for him. My net wasn't working tomorrow for some reason so told him to PM you. Just give him a call. PM me if you need his number
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