FS: EVGA 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 + Thermalright HR-03 Plus + Silenx 92mm fan.

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Selling a EVGA 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 + Thermalright HR-03 Plus + Silenx 92mm fan combo.. Purchase date : 14/8/2007 from KMD.. So warranty remaining.. Brought this as a replacement for my 8800GT, but with two HDD's this is a very tight fit inside my Zebronics Antibiotic Cabinet..

The card is working flawlessly & with the Thermalright HR-03 Plus, it runs really cool.. Combined with the Slienx IXP-64-14 92mm 42CFM 14DBA fan, its silent too.. I dont think anything is to be said regarding the performance of this card.. Moreover the TR HR-03 Plus lends ample overclocking headroom..

Original box & all accesories (incl the stock cooler) will be provided.. Have the box & manuals for the HR-03 Plus also..

Can sell the card with stock cooler also @ 7K + shipping,, but i'll have to get a buyer for the cooler first..

Price : Rs.8500+Shipping.
(Can also trade with a lower card + cash or a DualCore+Mobo+RAM+HDD combo)


PM me if intrested..


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The 768 MB of RAM in the 8800GTX shows a marginal lead compared to the 512MB versions of HD4850 at higher resolutions [IINM >1080p]. Read it somewhere.


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OP knows what he sells n prices accordingly. His price need not be questioned imo...he prices good. Gud luk with the sale vinay.
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