FS : Fanon 120 mm fan

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geek ashish

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Yesterday, my friend bought this fan, by mistake, from lammy and then realised that his cabinet doesn't have holes for 120 mm fan. So I'm selling it on his behalf.
Fan is with me.
I haven't used this fan in my cabinet but when I connected it to the molex connector of my HDD case, I was amazed by the air flow. It's so powerful yet very light.
BTW it has only two wires, so it doesn't have the speed sensing mechanism.

I have CM690 now, and didn't wanted to open due to all the cable management I had done. no free molex connector in front of the mobo. :eek:hyeah:

I googled the model no. and found this manual which has all the details u might ask.


Relaytronics India Pvt. Ltd. | Fans |

Make : Fanon
Model :FND-120-12v
Size : 120 * 120 *25 mm
RPM : 2500
Air flow : 100 CFM :hap2:

For other details plz go through the PDF manual.

I'll prefer Mumbai buyer, so that I can deliver personally and take the cash.
for outsiders, DD or Check will do, with the shipping expenses added to the cost.




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arey 350 main toh desi 220v wala exaust fan aa jata hai pc ko bhi hawa dega aur pc user ko bhi:rofl: :rofl:

sorry yar agar bura laga ho toh :new:


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@c2cquadro get tht exhaust fan of urs n blow urself:p
phir chalana 24 x 7 x 30 hawa khaana aur baadmein 3500 ka bill bhi bhardena.
dunt crap the thread.
this is a high cfm at a great price.


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^^ No longer on hold for me. I just bought it !

Nice guy to deal with, his bro came all the way to my workspace to deliver the fan ! :)

geek ashish

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It was nothing yaar. My bro's college is very near, infact walking distance, to ur office, so I sent the fan with him.
neway thanks.
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