FS: I-Pod Classic 80GB

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Price Drop : 8.5K


I want to sell a 3 months old I-Pod Classic 80 GB. It is with its original box and accesories. Used it primarily for movies and havent listened to songs much on it. Sparsely used and the front panel is totally scratch free while the back panel has got the traditional i-pod'esque scratches (Which u wl get on it after using it for first 5 days! ). It looks absolutely fine and i can post pics if u people want to.

The piece doesnt has any problem and i want to sell it because i hardly listen to any music, it has just been lying away and hence became a huge waste of some 11,400 something which i paid for it :no: so m planning to sell it and go in for a digicam.

My expected price is 8.5K as its almost unused. You can PM me ur offer.

Lookin for a quick sale :)
Okay here are the pics

Sorry, the pics are not good quality, did them from my N70 and 72(Thats why getting a DSLR, so make Plz the sale quick :eek:hyeah: )
OK.. i will but it .. but u need to reconsider the pricing now.. since it's 7 months old nw & new one now sells for 10k...
what one for my galfrd, i lost her`s last month, n now she wants me to buy her a iphone, might go for this
^^^Hmmm... nice thing u pointed out there but m not at all an audiophile and my i-pod is jusy lying uselessly :p

BTW it doesnt supports my i-pod as this is a 6th gen Classic.
next time plz put your username and date on the paper with the pics
8.5k is high considering 120gb classic retails for aound 11k
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