FS: Linksys AM-300 ADSL2+ Modem

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I have Linksys AM300 ADSL2+ Modem with Router in original packaging and all other stuffs that comes with it. i have the original bill but i have to search it . misplaced somewhere.:bleh:
Linksys.com - Partners/Service Provider Products/Routers & Gateways/AM300

I bought it for 2700 Rs. in june/july 07 (dont remember) .
I have tested this modem on TATA , BSNL , Airtel and Reliance connection.
I m selling it coz i m getting new WAG200G.


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Def intrested. But will wait for price drop if any. Cuz i have one of these @ my home (brand new picked @1500/-). So... i am not goin to low ball. Lets see.


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^ Don't mean to ruin your plans, but using a separate ADSL router and separate wireless router will save you truckloads of headache.

I've had a harrowing experience with the WAG325N, and I've now moved to using a D-Link 502T with the WRT150N.

I'm on BSNL btw.
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