FS Motorola RAZR V8 512 MB

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Posting on behalf on my colleague.

He bought this phone on Dec'07 from Dubai. When he came back, use of mobile phones with camera was banned in our office :mad: . Since it was new he could not make himself to part with it :D , nor could he use it, so he put it in the original box and stored it.
Now finally he has decided to sell it since he cannot use it anymore. He has used it for around 15 days. It is scratch-less as good as new. You can even see the original screen guards on it.

Market price of this piece is around 10.5k and still it is one of the most stylish phones in the market.

Product link:
Phone Details :: UniverCell - The Mobile Expert - Buy Mobile phones, best mobile phone deals, cellphone accessories

Lowballers please PM. No crapping the thread.

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Hi, if your cellphone is all faultless, I am ready to pay 6000 including shipping.

Warranty is a major concern else i would hv paid asking price.


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^ are you going to purchase it ? wht crap the thread.... he has already mentioned current market price and his asked rate ...if somebody is interested, he'll pm him..


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tangentray said:
Which part of
"Lowballers please PM. No crapping the thread."
was incomprehensible to you?

Dude chill..I had opened two windows one was of your thread, other one of PMing you, and by mistake it got posted here, later I PMed you the same thing.
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