FS: OCZ Platinum Rev2 2x512MB DDR RAM

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Product: OCZ Platinum Rev2 2x512MB DDR RAM
Reason for Sale: Moving to 2GB DDR or maybe DDR2 if i am lucky.:p
Condition: It's in a good condition- has been running at stock for past several months.

Rev 1.1- Has Samsung TCC5 chips.

Rated 2-2-2-5 at DDR 400.:thumb:

Comes with mirrored platinum copper heatspreaders.:eek:hyeah:
Link: OCZ Technology | Products | Memory | OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum Rev 2
Expected Price: Rs. 4600/- only
Optional Notes: Achieved stable DDR600 along with an opteron 144 on a DFI Expert mobo that is known to dislike TCCx chips.:O

(Managed a little higher too windows stable but didnt check for stability as DDR600 goal was achieved.)

If i remember correctly, managed to do 250HTT at cas 2.0.

Have lost other intermediate screenies.

Should be able to do 270-275HTT easily on decent boards like the A8NE.

Should gel extremely well with good OCer boards like the DFI Ultra-D/SLI-D.
edit: screenie deleted as it wasn't watermarked- lotsa pic thefts happening. :(
Has been run on a winfast foxconn mobo too with my 3000+ OCed to 250HTT 24x7 - the max the mobo can.

No issues running at 2-2-2-5 at DDR 400 either with the Foxconn NF4XK8MC mobo or the 'Expert'.

In fact feels very fast even at stock.:p
Due to my present physical condition, pickup and cash payment is most preferable- such offer will be given preference.:cool2:
Please PM with your best quotes, i wouldn't mind more for sure.:rofl:

Personal benchmarks stated are absolutely true but author of this post takes no guarantee for Overclocks that may be achieved on other systems.:)


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hey can u post some pics of the chips.. and ya im confirmed gonna buy it by mostly Wednesday or Thursday. :)


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Hey Rivunited,
Pics of the Chips.:O
They are covered by mirrored platinum copper heatspreaders and taking them off means voiding any of the lifetime warranty these sticks carry, if its possible to get them RMAed from the US.:p
Check PM.:)

BTW, i also dont have digicam or cell phne with cam- so ...:ashamed:
But anyone and everyone is welcome to come over and check them out in person.:)
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