FS: PSP Slim (Modded) & Accessories

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Wanne to sell my PSP Slim and all the accessories. The whole package includes:

• PSP Slim Core Pack (includes PSP, the battery and the charger) (with bill but no warranty since its modded w/ custom firmware 5.00 M33-4)

• Original Sandisk 8GB Pro Stick Duo (with bill and warranty remaining)

• Original GTA Liberty City Stories UMD

• Original Sony AV Video Cable

• Logitech Playgear Hard Casing

• PSP Soft Pouch

• PSP Leather Belt Pouch

Reason For Sale: I wanne sell this since I don't use it much... I'm thinking of selling this and getting a netbook...


• PSP and the Sandisk 8GB Pro Stick Duo are not available for sale seperately.

• Other accessories could be sold separately

• Mumbai Buyers Only...

• Lowballers please stick to PMs... don't create mess outta of ma thread ;)


Warning: Do Not Trade
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all combo stuff for 11k :O dream with no warranty the new psp with 4 gb card cost 8k

i need only psp with 8 gb for how much :p

sorry for crapping the thread just let me know


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Correct me but I recall watching anothe PSP sale thread where polarviga had made payment for another PSP and waiting it to be shipped. Not getting personal here dude but what are you buying 2 psp's for :p
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