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Hi guys
I just received(today itself) my Sennheiser PC151 headset after a long time from my friend from Singapore who was supposed to come with it in November last year :mad: , but because i could not wait so long i had already purchased Sennheiser PC166 from India itself for 6k :O :clap: :clap: :cool2: :cool2:

So now i want to get rid of this headset as it has no use for me, its almost new(just opened the pack to test if its working or not)

Expected Price:PRICE DROP!!- 2.5k + shipping :hap2:
Product Details : Click here
Short Description
The PC 151 stereo headset has the ultimate real-life sound that will make it seem like the action is right where you’re sitting. A fantastic piece of technology that offers a high-volume experience no one should have to live without

Adjustable headband for perfect fitting
Adjustable, bendable and pivotable microphone makes the voice more clear and increases comfort and flexibility
The noise-canceling microphone provides for high speech-clarity and voice recognition by filtering​
For details Pm me. and Dont crap the thread please :mad:


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will be depositing the cash/trf. of funds in ur designated a/c tomorrow as per ur PM.
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