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The perfect accompaniment to your shiny new phone! Make a fashion statement with the aluminum like finish.

This was purchased from Amazon early last year and was probably used once (maybe never) as I switched over to an Aliph Jawbone and Gear4 stereo BT headset right after that. I would've put this up for sale earlier but found the charger only yesterday. This is practically brand new and I tested it with 6 different phones last night - 5800XM, Curve 8900, P1i, Curve 8320, E90 and W810i and it works flawlessly. Detailed reviews are available on the Amazon US web site here or their UK web site. The price of a new one is approximately $25-$30, so I've priced it at a reasonable 600+shipping as per actuals. The cheapest Nokia models that are crap cost about 1k, so this is a steal.

As you might have noticed, the charger has US pin connectors but is a universal voltage model. You'll need a US to India plug converter that can be purchased for 5 or 10 bucks from your local hardware shop.

The headset has a power on/off button on the outer panel and a volume rocker switch on the upper side.
Specs: (from Mobileburn)
Weight- 14g (0.5oz)
Body Size- 60mm x 16mm (2.36" x 0.62")
Talk Time- 12:43
Standby Time- 300 hours
Ear Loop- Over ear
Left/Right Ear?- Both
LEDs- 1, Glows Red and Yellow
Pairings- Unspecified
Headset Sound- Excellent

I'll provide a 7 day test warranty as well.

Snaps (click for larger ones):

The last snap has my fingerprints, not scratches or marks just in case you were wondering. :)

Thanks for looking. :)

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