FS : Thermalright SI-128 Cooler + Panaflo Medium speed fan + AM2 bracket

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I am selling the following kit that I got just today from Sidewinders. It comprises of a SI-128 cooler + Panaflo Medium Speed fan + AM2 Bracket for the SI-128.

Everything is BRAND NEW and unused :eek:hyeah:

Price : 4,500/- Shipped for the complete kit.

Thermalright SI-128 for AMD® Athlon™64, FX / X2 and Opteron™ or Intel Socket 775


* 120mm fan recommended for maximum cooling capability.

* Huge 8mm multiple heatpipes for even more efficient heat transfer to the aluminum fins.

* Multiple tightly gapped fins for more surface area with longer and wider wingspan than SI-120.

* Vast compatibility across multiple platforms for newest AMD and Intel CPUs.

* Enormous wingspan gives extra cooling to MOSFET or NB chipset.

* Includes both adapters for LGA775 and K8 sockets.

Technical Specifications


L125 x W145 x H91.5 mm (heatsink only)


510g (heatsink only)


INTEL: All Intel P4 LGA775 processors

AMD: Athlon64 / FX / X2 / Opteron all models**
Panaflo Medium Speed 120mm Medium Speed fan (85 CFM)

Thermalright Customized AM2 RM (Rev.B) For AMD AM2 motherboards

The Revision B AM2 Adapter allows even classic Thermalright heatsink models to mount to the new AM2 specification.

Compatibility Information: The AM2 RM (Rev. B) is designed to make use with Thermalright HR-01, Ultra-90, SI-97A, XP-series and SI-128.

Interested buyers may post here or PM me.


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should i say you got a pm :) do i need a am2 thingy when i have a c2d?

how big a cabinet do i need?


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Sold to ms_mahu. Closing thread.

Sorry kippu but he had confirmed first and he instantly transferred the money as well.
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