FS: Transcend 2GB 667MHz DDR2 RAM

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Selling Transcend 2 X 1GB DDR2 667MHz 5-5-5-15 RAM, purchased from Dingemini312 few days ago @ 1.4k, U can see here -

Reason for buying from Dinesh - Wanted to use Vista X64

Reason for selling now - Tried Vista X64 and Uninstalled after 2hrs. :rofl:

I only used this RAM for few hrs, I have 2GB more. Dont want to manipulate all RAM slots - bad airflow + some effect on overclocking. Will buy 2 X 2GB soon.

RAM is working perfectly.

Warranty remaining -
One stick has 2yrs + 2 months
Other one has 2yrs + 6months

Price : Rs.1,200/- shipped

Plz dont crap the thread if U r not the buyer, only interested should post here.

PM me ASAP. Want to buy MX518.
ok.. in order of priority:

1. kkndka

2. ultimabasher

3. Ravi_D

4. SushantV

kkndka - I PMed U bank details buddy, make final descision now, 3 others r waiting

utimabasher - U will get sticks if kkndka backed, payment no issue

Ravi_D - No issue, under warranty

SushantV - mkt section is not meant to be an auction with ppl bidding away, ma quoted sale price is good and does not require any negotiation
not fair punjab!! I want the RAM sticks too! get some more for sale.I can't believe I took so much time in PMing.
^^please sell them to me!! I am ready to pay you now.lol.I need 2x1gb RAM within a wekk dude,so no need to make another FS thread,just PM me.
^^Ultimabasher dude please let me have thse RAM sticks,I really really need them,I am serious.I am running my c2d on 512mb ram right now,have some mercy on this poor boy.;):)
Thanks, UR RAM will shipped in few hrs.

Will close thread after buyer recieves item in good condition, and 100% satisfied.

Thank U all for showing interest, no bumps needed now, chat in Yahoo/MSN :clap:

kkndka said:
cash has been transferred.,
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