FS: Transcend laptop HD casing and Logitech G5 mouse

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Bought the Transcend 2.5 laptop hard disk casing on 3/march/2007. Its brand new but opened. Its a Silver colour casing,original box and has warranty for 1 year. As for the Logitech G5 mouse, I had lost the warranty bill but some how found it after searching my A_ _ out. It has warranty for three years dated 29/11/2005 onwards and is in good condition, comes with the weights along with the box. Reason for selling: Using the laptop hard disk in my office laptop and want to buy razor mouse. My number is 9821522884 :)


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can you please post the pics of the mouse? a friend of my might be interested :)


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If you've been following threads here I want those 2 items and was going tomorrow to lammy for them...

PM me pics of the products, if in good condition I'll take both. I'm in mumbai too...
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