Graphic Cards Further GPU price drops incoming by next month


Well once the next gen of Nvidia and AmD launch they will have to aggressively drop prices to clear stock. Plus the loss of miners and coin value has finally removed those buyers from the market. So yup best to wait and see what comes next before buying current gen


I lost trust in that merge. I think its never going to happen or its not going to happen in the next 5 years. They are just hyping it.
Though this tweet is based on actual calculation on number of hashes left. So, the merge is likely to happen this time around.


This was kinda inevitable. NVIDEA sitting on pile of cash and having too much inventory of 3xxx series cards.

There're gonna have to think about how to sell 4xxx series cards. Won't happen the way it was with 3xxx cards.
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Also it has been reported that only rtx 4090 will be launched this year in September...4080 launch has been moved to 2023 and cards below 4080 already have been marked for 2023 don't expect cards below 3070ti to be lowered in price....only gpu 3070ti and above will get price cuts for sure as other cards have been selling very good.


I have been tracking the price of the 3080 in the US for the past few weeks, it went down briefly, but over the past 2 weeks it's been relatively stable and also increasing in some cases!
I don't think prices will go any more down in india due to USD being appreciated. Had it not appreciated then prices might have gone down.