Galaxy Note White - Best Deal


So I will get two covers ? The one that comes with Box & another with above link ? Little skeptical about redeeming online. Anyone here done it ? Also flipkart is giving headphones with Box ?

Btw which headphone is that exactly ? I mean model no.


I bought one today for Rs. 28791 using the eBay coupon. However, the eBay dealer had increased the prices by Rs.1300 from today morning. If i had bought it yesterday it would have been even cheaper.

Also just after i bought the Note from him he updated with a new listing which says that free Sennheiser headphones will be provided by Samsung directly. i am hoping i will be eligible for that as i will already be receiving the Note with the Premium suite as indicated by him and i am guessing the free headphones are a part of the same suite.

Just put your details on that promo site. I did it. Says will get the freebies in 2 weeks.