Budget Above 25K Galaxy S10e or Galaxy Note 9 or others?


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Budget : 40 - 45k
Display : 5.5"+ Amoled screens
Criteria : Camera (Rear and selfie), performance, light gaming(hi gfx) reliability
Options (in mind) : Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10e, Huawei P30
Current : Galaxy S7

Is the Galaxy Note 9 worth getting ? I can get it for ~41k from Dubai. Need to upgrade, as my current phone's back glass has shattered.
Will the Note 9 be a significant upgrade over my S7 in terms of camera and performance. At the same time will it be also competitive compared to the new S10 series?

If there are other suggestions, then, please recommend.

P.S. Has anyone managed to exchange a cracked screen phone on Samsung BYOD? The S10e, comes to about 45K after exchange. Would this be a better deal compared to Note 9 (minus the s-pen)?


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Well it depends on your Priorities

For battery life, Big Screen its Note 9

For Compact size and new punch hole display its 10E

For Camera, Performance both are at Par.


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Confirm if foreign models are serviced in India. Some imported TVs are are not serviced, citing diff MoBo etc. And, LTE bands are diff in diff country. Check compatibility with Indian LTE bands.