FS: Tablet Galaxy Tab S5e + cover + Surface Pro Signature Type Cover 2017 edition


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Oct 4, 2019
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Galaxy Tab S5e in very good condition, used only for 1 year or so. I upgraded to a Galaxy Tab S7+ a year ago, but kept it around for alternate usage. However, it hasn't seen any use, so thought it'd be best to pass it on to someone who can make good use of it. The only signs of wear are minor scuffs on one edge (photo included), though this is hidden by the included cover. The tablet is updated to the latest Android 11. Local buyers only please, pick up from Goregaon West. I've made the price dirt cheap, cover included - Rs. 15,000. Edit: I just realized that I don't have the original charger the tablet came with anymore. It was very slow and I replaced it with a fast charger I'd like to keep. So please account for this, if you have a USB-C charger/cable it should work.

Also selling a Surface Pro Signature Cover from 2017. This was bought in 2018 and is also in very good condition. There are signs of dust/dirt on the alcantara fabric, though this could probably be cleaned. I believe it's still compatible with the latest generation Surface Pro (non-X). Selling this for Rs. 5,000.


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I'll take the S5e. Please DM contact and payment details. Thanks!

Edit: noticed that you've mentioned local buyers only. If you change your mind about shipping, please let me know.