Budget 0-20k Gaming pc upgrade


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I have AMD AD9600AGABBOX 7th Generation A8-9600 Quad Core Processor with Radeon R7 Graphics , Asus PRIME A320M-K AM4 Motherboard , Corsair Vengeance LPX 4GB (1 x 4GB) CDRAM 2400MHz (PC4-19200) C16 Memory Kit, Zotac Nvidia GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 64-Bit DVI-D HDMI Retail Graphic card / Pascal / Firestorm / 384 Cuda core /DirectX 12. what i need to upgrade to get playing most of games like fortnight, dying light, battlefield,etc, smoothly.? I'm not looking for high budget Apu and Gpu..


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4Gigs of RAM in today's time is nothing.
Get more RAM. And use the rest of the money to get a GPU. A 1050Ti would be good.
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Thank you... Is my AMD processor ok?? I have to upgrade my Gpu nd ram?

The 9600 would not be a bottleneck, for say, upto a 1050ti.
Anything higher, and the CPU will hold back the GPU's performance.

I would suggest adding another 2400 MhZ RAM stick (always good to have RAM in dual channel) And get a good GPU.

You didnt specify a budget, though. But since you put in 0-20K, I am going to assume that its 15-ish.


Any integrated gpu will be worse off than a dedicated one. It's preferable to go for that 1050ti if possible, or get a used 1060 (which was what I did). I got a 7 month old 1060 for less than the price of a new 1050.

If you don't mind going the used route, you can get some good deals depending on where you live.


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I would second getting an RX570 4GB over 1050ti. 570 is much faster than 1050ti and costs around 15k:

Cheapest 1050ti: ~12000

Cheapest RX 570: ~15000

Performance review:

In summary RX 570 beats 1050ti in every case. Even a 1060 3GB barely keeps up with it. But, of course price to performance ratio is paramount when choosing a graphics card, so please use google and youtube to your advantage, watch the reviews and see whether the INR 3000 difference is worth it for you. I have given 2 links, but dont rely only on them.

Also, A8 9600 may hold even RX 570 back, but if you decide to upgrade your CPU during the card's lifecycle, the graphics card will be ready for it. I could not find any article with this combo, but see if you can for the definite answer.

And, my friend, that 4GB of RAM has to be mandatorily upgraded to 8GB by adding another 4GB stick. You will see there is a huge difference in performance between 4GB and 8GB RAM, and also between single and dual channel.


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Why not go for something like Ryzen 5 2400G instead of yours ?! It seems your motherboard capable of it, it's quite new, or you can even wait for NEWEST Ryzen 3000 with solid integrated video for peanuts. Put more RAM, yes. You can put even 16GB already, even 8 today is nothing. And get at least some SATA 3 SSD, they are cheap as hell now, no big need for NVMe's yet. It's all will be not that much assuming you will sell old parts till they worth something!