FS: Others Gateron White Switches (70) and Ranked Double Shot Pudding PBT Keycaps (108+4)

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Dec 9, 2022
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The switches were bought on this forum from @GeeBee007 in December, 2022. Product link: https://keychron.in/product/gateron-switch-set/

They are super light and I believe perfect for typists or anyone who has to type a lot. In total there are 70 switches but I bent some of the switch pins while inserting and they don't work. Not more than 5 such switches, however, if you bend them back, they should work.
Full disclosure: Other than the 5 or so, all switches work fine but I spilled coffee on my entire keyboard around April of 2023. Cleaned and dried the switches thoroughly and have been using the same till today, when I swapped out the switches. They still work like a charm. However, there are slight coffee stains to the switches, which can't be helped unless one disassembles the entire switch and cleans it out. Not visible under the keycaps of course, and no effect on the lighting that I can tell. The ones outside the boxes in the pics are the "coffee-switches". Expected price taking all of this into consideration is: Rs. 800/- for all 70 switches shipped.

The keycaps I bought from Amazon US. It's a full 108 set for ANSI, with 4 extra keys for a generic ISO layout. All keys laid out in the pics, so you can see for yourselves. Expected price: Rs. 2,000/- shipped. Comes with the keycap puller in the pics. (Also have a cat themed keycap set in my other sale thread for those interested.)

Selling because recently bought different switches and decided to go back to the stock keycaps on my keyboard.

Switches: Rs. 800/- for all 70 switches shipped.
Keycaps: Rs. 2,000/- shipped.

Take both for Rs. 2,500/- shipped.

Mic stand (weighted base) available for free.
PLEASE NOTE: It is free but since it is quite heavy (around 2-3 kilos) it will cost a lot to ship.
So it's best claimed by someone who is local (Delhi-NCR) and can come and pick up in person or arrange Dunzo/WeFast/preferred method.


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A kind TE'er (?) PMed me and pointed out that the keycaps are way overpriced as per the Amazon link that I linked. (Where's the facepalm emoji when you need it?) So anyway...

Keycaps now at Rs. 700/- shipped.
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