[Giveaway] Many RS.com premium a/c

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Well, I've unlimited supply of RS.com points.


Making quite good points (2.5k /day on average) and money of via it :p

To celebrate crossing 90 Euro earning on RS.com, I've decided to giveway [strike]4 x premium RS.com (30 days) accounts[/strike] many RS.com accounts to fellow TE members. Each a/c to be shared amongst 3 members so in total 12 people will get login info. Security lock will be enabled on all accounts so that you can't change any info of account. Some criteria : -

1) Must be a member of TE for more than 6 months.
2) Must be active in forum, i.e have atleast 200 posts.
3) Mods / Admins are not eligible :ashamed: because if 12 mods apply I'll be forced to give a/cs to them :bleh:
4) Totally my discretion. No arguments please.
5) DP members are automatically eligible if they apply. Don't know DP?? then you don't need to know actually ;)
To apply, post in the thread :tongue:
Some reps and "thank you" is all what I need :eek:hyeah: pming me will disqualify you

1st a/c gone to chetansha , Metalspree , SunnyBoi

2nd account gone to FaH33m, MohitPreet , sumchamp

3rd one gone to gmano, mutant, m0h1t

4th goes to G@d of w@r, clown_abhi, ubergeek

5th goes to WingZero, Gannu , hp-india

6th special a/c goes to DP members : raksrules

7th special a/c goes to DP member : rajatgarewal

8th one goes to Supra, Sudarshan_SMD , Zero Cool

9th goes to PhOeNiX, Arihant.EXE, thebanik

IMPORTANT NOTE : - Member who got the account must not share it with anybody because high usage of account from different IPs will attract RS's attention and your account will be banned. MY original account can be in jeopardy as well


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request one for me,if left. PM sent
EDIT: sorry for PM, damn didnt read deal fully :bleh:

and Thanks for this effort/initiative...much appreciate it :)
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