GO: For SanDisk Sansa e270 6GB MP3 Media Player w/ FM/Voice Recorder (Factory-Recerti


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I am starting a thread for a group order (if in case a group really wants it :bleh: ) for SanDisk Sansa e270 6GB MP3 Media Player w/ FM/Voice Recorder (Factory-Recertified & Rockbox Ready). This is a refurbished model. Here http://www.techenclave.com/dealer-s-paradise/go-anything-amazon-com-newegg-com-109852-28.html many people were interested so thought of creating a GO. This one costs $59.95 and with the ROCKBOX code comes down to $44.95. So in case anyone is interested. Please add yourself to the list. I have no idea how good/bad the product is. The reviews were nice and that is what has led me to buy this.

In case you want to know more about it please search for it on the net.

We would be getting it from KMD. Would be getting the rates from KMD once I have an idea about the nos.

Do post in case you are able to find a better deal.
Edit: Now that the price is out. Please confirm if you would like to go in for the same and if yes, then how many.

Edit (14/09/2008) : I am thinking of keeping this GO open till 16/09/2008. In case anyone of you have a problem with it, post it on the thread as well. If anyone wants to extend the GO do post that as well.

I think 1 week should be enough for everyone to get their funds mobilised for the same.

No dates are hard and fast. It depends upon on you all.

This is my first GO, so in case you have any suggestions to make it better do pour in your thoughts.

Secondly we all would be making payments to KMD directly. Who in turn would order them from the site. As shipping within US is free. I guess we would be saving on shipping charges from US to India.

Edit (15/09/2008) : What they have got is the individual rates from KMD. i.e. if you order a single piece. This special rate is for the Group Order. This rate is based on the USD. If there is a major fluctuation it might the end rate as well. I don't think the USD rate would fluctuate much in the coming 2-3 days. So by and large this should be the rate.

Edit 16/09/2008 Below mentioned are usernames who are interested in getting a piece. In case some wants multiple pieces please post it on the thread. The GO would be closing today.



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Err... this thread should be in Hot Deals & Discussion ... Mods please move the thread....


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I do hav 4GB e260 Sandisk Player...and surely it rocks...screen size a bit small though..


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I'm definitely in for 1 as well - did you confirm from KMD that the code is valid for multiple purchases?

Might be in for another one if a buddy is interested :)


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Seems like an awesome deal. I'm in for one as well. However what will be the approximate delivery time. And since I have never participated in a GO before this can someone tell me the basics, such as, when do I have to pay and through what? Will paypal do or does it have to be a bank deposit?