GO : Norton Security Premium (2015) - ACTIVATED -CLOSED


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Checking interest for Norton Security Premium aka NIS 2015. This is revised line of products from Norton and equivalent to NIS.

At this moment, it available only on Norton Store. Please share if you find a better deal
1 year - 2999 => 299 each
2 year - 4999 => 499 each => 250 per year => The chosen one
3 year - 6999 => 699 each => 233 year

I am open for both 1 year or 2 years subscription.

Payment mode = Fund Transfer to ICICI bank
Product Purchase = After receipt of money from all interested members
Distribution of license = via email or SMS or messenger

  • Many of us have 80 days pending with current product - NIS 2015. If we activate early then we loose the balance days. So license for this GO will be activated by DEC 16th,
  • Request that only those who are willing to wait till that time participate
  • Will purchase once, all members send their money.
  • At this point, the product is available only on Norton's portal. Although is cheaper than the US Norton store which is giving 1 year for around 4500 INR. If there is a better deal we can go for that
  • Will provide serial number to all members at one time and they are requested to register and activate ASAP after receiving the serial number.
  • Download link will be provided for the product

I will keep 2 for me and 8 for other interested members.
Duration of this interest= 80 days.

Myself - 2
chiragsthakur - 1
kingdomraj - 3
shashank_r_t - 1
paarkhi - 1
rishabh.asthana - 2

Sept 28 - Bank details shared
Oct 21 - Payment received from all
Oct 27 - Key shared

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I'm in for 2 years 3 keys...Norton premium.

My norton license is gonna expire in 6 days....so any chance i can get it sooner ?? PLz update.


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Ok i am in but when will you buy? In December?
I will buy now as the price is good (250 per year) and we all will activate in December.

@mk76, Count me in for 2 years, Please confirm and send me the bank details
is there one left?? if yes. Count me in for 2 years..
Sorry guys. Don't have any more slots. However there is another GO where you can try. https://www.techenclave.com/communi...n-on-before-oct-2nd-2015.176376/#post-2052783


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Am I booked here? I also have to activate asap, i hope there is no issue?

Or all activation are linked to single date?

Ps :sorry now I read the edited op so i dont want to wait, so let me out of this