Budget 71-90K Good laptop for coding and General Use


Hello All,

Looking to Buy a New Laptop, Currently i Use Desktop and old Asus Travelmate X550 Laptop,

laptop will be used mostly coding (Linux) and general use, i use my desktop in general ,so it will be mostly used only when i am not on my Desktop.
- 14 inch
- will run linux ubuntu with python/perl/PHP dev tools. nothing CPU intensive.
- need to be good built to last 5 or more years, my old laptop is used very less but hinges already have issues.
- upgrade-able RAM
- good display
- can handle bit of abuse
- no gaming.
- weight not an issue, but will prefer lighter than my old one.

  • What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.)
    >>no budget as such, may be up to 85k

  • What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (e.g. web surfing/office apps/Casual Gaming)
    >>coding,surfing, movies
  • What size and weight considerations do you have? (e.g. Do you want a 17" desktop replacement or you want an ultraportable 12" or something in between)
    >>14 inch
  • Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? (e.g some would prefer to stay away from Acer or Dell)
    >>Dell, HP
  • Any other considerations? (e.g Battery life; Widescreen/non-widescreen; Glossy/Matte screen etc.)
    >> need to have good display panel.

    some of laptops i checked
  • https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0922KX1MX/ - Lenovo Thinkpad - bad display, otherwise seems perfect.
  • https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08NW9LL9Z/? MSI - not sure about build quality and service.
  • https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08J42VSL6/ - LG Gram - heating issue, not sure how much abuse it can handle
  • https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08CFZDZLF/ - Currently inclined to buy this one. comments ?

    please let me know if any other series/brand i should check

    Thanks in advance



I bought this laptop a couple of months ago, works great and is VFM... the display rated "only" 250 nits but I found it pretty good nevertheless.

See https://techenclave.com/threads/hp-...135g7-tiger-lake-cpu-and-iris-xe-igpu.197622/
Thanks, will check but just want to avoid HP
You should look for Thinkpad T14 or T495 series I think.

If someone can buy from USA, etc. for you, that will save lot of cost.
>>currently There is no one who is coming back from US

any feedback on "ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14" ?, its an old Model but should suffice for my use.