Google is rolling out end-to-end encryption for RCS in Android Messages beta


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The global rollout is also complete, any Android user can get RCS via Google’s app

After two long, complicated years, every Android user worldwide (outside China and Russia) now has access to the next-gen texting standard that is replacing SMS. Google is directly offering RCS chat services through its Android Messages app to anybody who installs it and uses it as their default texting app, which partly bypasses a carrier rollout that, at times, has ranged from sluggish to incoherent to broken

As for the people who use that other smartphone platform — the iPhone — we have no word on whether Apple intends to adopt the RCS standard. But as every carrier worldwide gets on board, and now that there is a clearer path to ensuring private communication with RCS, the pressure on Apple to participate is likely to build


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That's good news.. but what will happen to those msgs which are backed on cloud. Whatsapp clearly mentions that msgs backed outside its domain are not protected by end to end encryption (e-e).
If Google can achieve this( group encryption and outside the domain encryption), it could be beneficial for all.
Better to adopt a wait and watch approach.