Google Meet - Ask to Admit removal

Looks like I am the only one in the meeting who needs permission to get in. Not sure if it is my issue or with the Google Meet link.

It would be nice to know if we can suggest anything to the organiser to fix this issue. The organiser is not a part of Google Workspace, and neither am I.

Any suggestions would be great.
Those meetings were scheduled earlier? Are you getting the same link to join the meeting every time?

I think they haven't added your email address to the "guest" section when they scheduled the Google meeting. Probably that's the reason why only you need permission to join the meeting. Others are pre-approved.
To fix that, they created a new link, I was sent an invitation by email, and I did RSVP in the email, " joining " in Google Calendar. But still, I cannot get in unless the organiser is online or approve me. I guess they did add me as a guest while sending the invitation.

The meeting is for 1 month, the same link, joined daily. Thanks.
I am using a Gmail account. I tried using both signed-in Google Chrome and Google Meet software that I was prompted to install through