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I wanted to invest into an action cam similar to a go pro action cam. I say similar because i feel go pro is overpriced for my need which is to capture continuous unedited videos of when i travel to new places. So i don't need additional mounts and robustness and 100 additional features, all i need is :
1. Good 720p/1080p 30fps/60fps video feed capture
2. Can be operated hassle free
3. Comes in a compact waterproof and shockproof housing.
4. It should have good low light performance
5. Should be able to capture audio and not the wind blowing in it.

My friend had got a cam from kodak earlier which served the purpose. Would like to know if you guys have a suggestion for me ?

GoPro Hero 3 is for 16k+ and GoPro Basic is 13k on FK. Would like something similar or better specs/performance in a similar/lower price point of around 10-12k.


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SJCam 4000 with our without wifi option, buy from ebay if you need fast shipping or aliexpress. Can be had for as low as 5k up to 8k.

SJCam 5000 if you want the newer one for the improvements at a marginal higher price.

Have had the 4000 before I gifted it to a relative, buying the 5000 in a month or so.

With these you get all the accessories, mounts etc, so no need of further investments either.

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I had the exact same thought. So going ahead with SJ5000 wifi model.

I think its about 8k from aliexpress/dx while locally its a bit expensive.

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Yeah, it was around for about 2 days after I posted it and then the price shot up.

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Which is the more reputed website to source an SJ5000 ? ? or some other website ?


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Apologies for the late bump!
If you're willing to buy the SJ4000, I suggest buying the SJCAM M10. It has the exact same specs as the SJ4000 but is smaller and a bit cheaper. Try sourcing it through someone coming in from US/UK or Hong Kong. Should cost you less than INR 5500.