got into a fight with a retired colonel , noone supported me

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so my parents had been nagging me to get a aadhar card made as they all made it year ago and i din feel the need anyway. there was some sorta camp goin on at the local bank. Now this old army wala and his servant came much later than me and tried all sorts of jugaad to get his daughters card made ASAP. kept trying to get his form data done on server even though every form was numbered and his number was after me. now my turn ws about to come and i was sitting getting tired and angry. when i knew the person whose form ws before me ws done i went to the guy with the pc. i realised this colonels daughter sitting on my rightful seat and i got pissed. started shouting at aadhar guy why number system not being followed, suddenly colonel came to me and started arguing back im in a hurry n all that and that hel take just a few mins. i took his form frm guy typing n told him no way il allow my form to be filled after his. his tiny 5 feet something servant now came and tried pushing me. i had already thrown his form away and if people hadnt come in between that old man was just waiting for a blue face. cant believe people let others walk over them. i have seen wherever in india there re ques people think they can break into the order. was surprised the cam they used for taking pic of applicnt had a wide angle lens to take his fat daughters full face in one shot


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You fought the good fight dude but be thankful you didn't get arrested for assault (well nearly). Lol.
Seriously though you did good there man. Hopefully that should drive in some sense into the people who were there.


Such people get advantage because there are others who are willing to give advantages;
Good that you stood up and told the creepers it may not happen each time.
Thumbs up!!

Mr India

yeah, people breaking into ques is one thing that somehow makes me go crazy angry. even in cafeteria i tell people to get in line for food unless hes very very senior :p


kudos to you dude, keep up, just make sure you dont get in a fight with gundas. ihave had many such fights. wat always amazes me is people are habituated with this. others walk all over them and they just say "Kyaaa Kar sakte hai!!" and stare at you as if you are responsible for the whole scene!!