Budget 51-70k GPU dilemma


What GPU would you recommend for CPU i7 13700k, RAM 32 GB DDR5, Mobo Gigabyte Aorus Z790 Ice.. White GPU is preferable
It'd help us if the purpose of GPU, and usage condition is known.

Example: Gaming or AI training or Video Editing or GPGPU Compute or other?
If Gaming, Resolution and target refresh rate and games / game types???
Depends on your budget, usage & other expectations (like gaming resolution, fps in games, etc).

4090 & 4080 Super should be good for whatever your usage is.
Depends on your budget and use.
Avoid 4080 super over 4080.
It costs more for realistically a small bump in performance.
That applies to all super models over their base.
If you don't really need the nvidia features like AI training and blender, you could get a 7800xt or a 7900xt too. That extra VRAM does go a long way towards "futureproofing"