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I thought we needed a thread like this to rant out about the present market situation of graphics cards. I know that we already have one active thread in the news section but felt we should leave that to rtx ones mainly and this thread for all pricing discussion for all graphics cards including but not limited to local and online vendors pricing and availability regardless of whether they are new or used ones etc etc.

Please keep "ethics" talk to minimum lol. I say this because it's not going to change anything.

Anyway I'll start, forgive me for saying this again and showing off but I managed to get a Zotac GTX 1650S for 16500 last week locally. It was a March/April 2020 imported piece. And it was the only piece with the store. Sorry guys. :p
My unsolicited suggestion is to visit all possible local dealers which you can especially the less popular ones and those which don't get regular customers. There surely must be some in some alley somewhere. You can never know till you try so try your luck.
But we are currently facing the "second wave" of covid and some states are already in lockdown so you should be careful and probably not go out unless it's something dire. You won't be able to play any videogames anymore if you are dead!

Anyway what's the local pricing situation of graphics cards like? What cards are available and for how much? This is for information sharing purpose.
If you are desperately in need I think you should get one and call it a day. I'm not so hopeful about this situation. Many countries and businesses have also started to accept crypto too so...
Pricing is relative - if you buy say a GTX 1070 at 28-30k today. You can use it for 5-6 months and sell it off at the same price. The shortage isn't going away anytime soon this year and prices won't come down immediately.
That's just an "expectation." I don't and won't trust any such news till the source manufacturers themselves say it.
The main question/concern remains when the situation will improve. I got excellent price for my 6 year old 970 but decided to not sell it after the nvidia/ tsmc article saying the chip shortage may remain till end of '22 and things may improve from '23. So depressing.
dont worry ,there would be some sort of crack down on mining by USA`s agencies ,they wont allow the USD getting exported to china just by running some shitty program.

I hope you know the story about ktorrent/kat torrent being taken down and arresting the prime accused .They will definitely come up with a plan to stop this mining shit .Because major companies too are being hacked and ransom is requested in crypto.

In engineering , we had this chapter of digital currency and why it was more dangerous .As it allows you to commit a perfect crime without being traced.
But corporations have started to accept and adopt Bitcoin though. I think Tesla is one of the latest ones to do it. I do think that it's because the people behind these corps invested a huge sum in Bitcoin.
But corporations have started to accept and adopt Bitcoin though. I think Tesla is one of the latest ones to do it. I do think that it's because the people behind these corps invested a huge sum in Bitcoin.
woh khilaadi hai usko market upar niche hone se koi farak nahi padta ,he is sorted for life his company is sorted for life ,what he is doing is trying to keep the market up and increasing his evaluation usko 10 ka 30 karne kama hai. Tesla earns more from its competitor by selling pollution credits to its non electric counterparts ,got contract from NASA for moon lander.

value of 1 BTC is 40.5 Lakh and model Y costs around 60 lakh. so more or less you would pay 1.5 BTC and the BTC keeps on rising he earns more quickly than you think and the value of stocks in NYSE and once he thinks its enough he will encash BTC and there you have it the news will be there elon pulls out and everyone pulls out and the free fall and again the cycle begins .So trust in Rokda and debit cards baki sab bandal hai.
Sadly, this will continue atleast till the end of the year. Firstly, Nvidia has low stock output as of now and secondly AMD has had extremly low stock for the last two gens atleast, added to which AMD has had absurd pricing for India for a while now. I think this will only rectify itself by the end of the year.

In the meanwhile, those with no cards can use APU's and cloud gaming services. Thats the only way as of now and far cheaper than trying to buy a GPU at inflated prices.
Well, being CORONA Free for me will give a me an extreme high for 2k22!
+1. I have a lot of patience, willing to wait this out...
Bots buying in bulk on such sales will surely test your patience.. keep it for those extreme days..
winning rptech lottery on 3060ti 3070 3080 and 3090 and selling them above market price ;)
@puns kindly keep an eye on this persons market threads :D