Graphic Cards Graphic Card for *OLD* Configuration


i am using pretty old config
athlog 64 X2 5600+
asus M2A-VM
PSU is corsair g500
i am moving to two monitor setup and my present card doesn't not have second DVI or VGA
so i am looking for a new card, with can work in my existing configuration. should able to handle two monitor setup

i will upgrade MB+CPU later on.

Thanks,[DOUBLEPOST=1386822835][/DOUBLEPOST]to add further
- there is no budget restriction but same time i dont want to spend more than whats needed.
- gpu should have linux drivers and should able to handle gnome3 without any issue.
- should be reliable
- no gaming

i will upgrade my pc later on so i am okay if it works for now and give full performence later on.

Thanks all for reading,please do share your opinions.
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Since you are not gaming I don't see any real requirement for a high end card. Also Linux driver support from both AMD and Nvidia has improved a lot courtesy Valve's Steambox impeding launch.

So go for a low end chip-set like Nvidia 610 or AMD 5450 which won't run the latest games but have DVI, DSUB and HDMI output. So you can run 2 monitors simultaneously.


Sapphire and ASUS are considered good brands to get. EVGA is supposedly the best but their prices in India are crazy.

Zotac is also supposedly a good buy.

Zotac sells only Nvidia cards and Sapphire sells only AMD cards. ASUS sells both chipset based cards.


^^ I honestly am not sure. I haven't heard too many people giving their cards for RMA in EVGA case which I suppose is a good thing.

ASUS used to have RMA nightmares but their current RMA partner is pretty decent in my one experience.

The eVGA 620 seems to be the best bet for you.


seems for eVGA RMA i have to send card to their taiwan center, dont want to do that. will stick to AsUS. Thanks for all help.