[GROUP BUY] Microsoft Flight Simulator


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[GROUP BUY] Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam

Total cost - ₹ 3,999

Need 4 people ₹1000 each.
8 people ₹500 each.


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How is this going to work ?
Steam sharing allows only one member to play at one time and the max number of people sharing your library cannot exceed 5.


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I don't think it will work. I mean only 1 person can use it at a time of steam family sharing right?
Yeah, it can actively be played by only one member in the family. Makes sense to try it out for a month at 50 bucks using the Game Pass. Thereafter, it is likely to see some discount in the December steam sale, so makes sense to wait for it.


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I already have it and allow me to share some feedback, this is a game that is really really beefy on system resources. The visual aspects and the learning curve will require you to have a good system and is best enjoyed with a joystick (to a lesser extent gamepad) - forget about keyboard.

The heart of the game is the new graphics environment and that really pulls GPU + CPU horsepower. Oh and one more thing, this game downloads it's live content over the internet - so a UL plan is highly recommended - min 50/100mbps


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greatest flight game they've created. best thing is how the complete world, airports is created I saw a documentary at no clip check the video here -
. Asobo sutdios who developed recent Plague Tale of Innocent.