Hate these third parties sellers on amazon


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Every time i buy something from a third party seller i get either a damaged or a used product.
Bought a tripod and it came with a broken mobile holder. So annoying.
Why can't people be honest for once. Amazon needs to ban these cheaters third party seller. Such waste of time.

Marcus Fenix

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I had very few bad experiences with 3rd party sellers for obscure items which are not easily available but overall my experience has been positive.
Ratings and reviews matter quite a bit though when selecting a non-prime seller.

Prime items sold by 3rd parties have been 100% reliable for me personally.

Return the item,rate the seller and move on.


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I can understand if its a manufacturing defect i cannot blame the seller.
But in my case its cheating, the mobile holder is used and its broken, this makes the whole tripod useless.

Anyway i applied for a replacement lets see whats comes.
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I received another package from a third party seller today, luckily all is good. Faith in humanity restored.
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