hCaptcha Help Needed!!


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Hello folks,

I happen to be a Tennis fan and visit Tennis forums on a daily basis. Of late I have been having a really annoying problem. Each time I access the websites (links provided below) or refresh a page on the websites I have to solve a hCaptcha puzzle. This happens even if I'm refreshing a page after say 10 minutes which is super annoying! I'm presented with these puzzles to solve:

^^ The above picture puzzle actually consists of 2 pages of clicking the correct images :banghead:

These are the 2 websites I visit:

Tennis Forum (WTA)

Mennis Tennis Forums (ATP)

Having to solve the Captcha puzzles repeatedly in such short time frames is getting god awfully annoying! I'm using Firefox to access the websites. Is there anyway to bypass this Captcha puzzles or a way to solve this problem? Should I try another browser?

Any help would be appreciated as this is really driving me up the wall.


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Captcha is usually based on the IP address. Probably your ISP is using NAT and a single IP address is being reported on multiple sites using Captcha. Alternately, your ISP is providing a server to some VPN service which is again causing the same IP to be reported simultaneously.

When using a VPN, I usually encounter these issues with Asian servers because they use a lot of blacklisted IP addresses. If you have a paid VPN, then usually you wouldn't get Captcha on European servers.