HDD ~ 2 x 500GB & 1 x 250GB ~~ all under warranty

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250GB HDD - Going Rate Rs 1100
500GB HDD - Going Rate Rs 1700 each

All HDD are in warranty.

I have attached images of the warranty from the site. Also the warranty screen shots have serial no.s if you anyone wants to recheck.

Reason for sale: Moving on to higher capacity HDD.

Am avoiding courier. I would prefer hand delivery or pick up in Mumbai itself. I live in Dadar and work in VT so both places or somewhere in between would be perfect.

For any other clarifications just PM me. Please don't give any suggestions or low ball or bright sparkling ideas in the thread.


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please hold the 250gb for me ........will let you know by tonight !!! btw i am from mumbai itself ..


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Hi All,

Sorry couldnt reply to pms and couldnt update the thread either. I wasnt well and thus the absence. If anyone interested do reply and if Mods and people want me to update pics I can do the same too.

Thank you

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all HDDs are open ..... Do reply in PMs and I would get back. As usual prefer Mumbai Buyers and price drop requests dont put it out here..

Thanks again


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one 250 and one 500 to go this weekend so will wait till then.

Deaddevil hasnt replied so would give a day more on that. DD i sent u pm today morning.

Deba if 250 deal falls off would let u know by Saturday


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500seagate gone to Prole. do give trader reaction.

250 on hold

@lostpass @faithless - WD 500 is free but local collection
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