Audio Headphone under 2.5k : Sennheiser or Sony or Other

Sennheiser HD 202 II or Sony MDR-XB400 or Other??


1) Good Bass
2) Comfortable
3) Clear sound
4) Good Build Quality
5) Volume control (if available)[DOUBLEPOST=1368635131][/DOUBLEPOST]How is HD 202 II at 1690 ?

Please suggest other better option as well..within my budget[DOUBLEPOST=1368647915][/DOUBLEPOST]Any suggestion??


My 2 cents:

I've heard the HD202. I liked the bass on it. I like wet bass and there was a slight rumble on this Sennheiser. However, the mids are not very clear. The soundstage is not that great either and that's expected at this price. But those things matter only when comparing with higher priced products and it's a good product at this price.

The Sony XB400 is a revamped model over the now discontinued XB300. They are very stylish and obviously the better lookwise. SQwise, some say that the newer XBs are flatter sounding than the older ones (check head-fi threads) and hence less enjoyable for bassheads. And the XB series is known for bass over quality. Looking at comfort, I feel these will be more comfortable than the Sennheiser because of the soft padding (I've seen a XB300 first hand). Now, try to get a first hand experience of the XBs from someone.
^^ Thank you so much for d reply...
I haven't tried high end headphone, this will gonna be my first headphone above 1k...I am getting HD 202 at 1690 ..still I can spend 1k more...What will you suggest..?


I would suggest you to get the Sony XB400. At this price level, you won't have much to complain. Lookwise, it's much better than the Senn.

However, if you are willing to spend 1k more and you don't have any issues getting a used in-ear earphone, there's a used Klipsch S4 on sale (under warranty) in the Sell or Trade products thread. The item's located in Gurgaon and selling for around 2.5k. The SQ will be a few notches higher than both the headphone models you're considering (I have one) and it will provide superb noise isolation which you won't get in these headphones. Again, it's an IEM and you have to choose between IEM or cans first :)

If you want to shift to IEMs, there are a few more models you can look at. The choice is yours. If I'm confusing you now, just go for the Sony cans :)

P.S. Whichever phones you get, remember to burn-in first and then look at sound quality.


Well, i'm a XB300 user from past 1 year and they are really awesome. I'd tried HD202 once at a shop and they were good too but i still preferred XB300 over those. The main reason was BASS. You will be amazed with the amount of bass these headphone can generate and they are very comfortable too.
But i still regret that i should've ordered XB500 as XB300 has a supra-aural earcup design and i am more inclined towards circum-aural headphones(like XB500.. this is just a personal opinion).
But still, the supra-aural design is extremely comfortable and the earpads are super soft. Overall sound is great and bass is outstanding(as its from Xtra Bass series). Also, the new XB series looks good too with better design to facilitate portability. You can fold the cans to put them in a carrying pouch.

If you are a basshead, go on with Sony XB, you won't be disappointed.
Bought Sony XB 400 (1466 from infibeam)

Thanks for the help :)