PC Peripherals Headphones under 6K-7K


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I am looking for headphones to be used in this ratio : 40% Gaming - 35% Music - 25% Movie/TV Series and will be mostly connected to a PC & sometimes on PS4. Very rarely with mobile.

These are my main uses :
Games - Apex Legends, Hyperscape, RUST
Music - Trap & Bass, Dubstep, Moombahton, Hip-Hop/Rap (Mostly heavy bass songs)
Movie/Series - All types

I don't think Bluetooth headphones are good for gaming coz of latency. I am fine with wired ones & I don't think I can get 2.4Ghz wireless in this budget. Looks don't matter at all. My focus is only overall sound quality.

I did little research & found that many gaming headphones are usually not good in bass as they lack deep bass. Also I think if sometimes I will be connecting them to mobile then I should stick with 3.5mm jack. But I can sacrifice connectivity options for great sound quality, so even if the headset can only be used with PC but has top sound quality then I will buy it.

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If you're still searching, can look into M40X, I don't game, but for music etc.should work...has plenty of bass.

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It's a fantastic headphone for sure ( definitely better than M40X) but the soundstage is very intimate.
The sound signature of hd25 won't please everyone ( specially if not familiar with very fast bass decay and sharp treble) but I love them.
HD25 though can be powered by a mobile phone, to tame the treble, it needs extremely powerful amps. It turns into a different headphone when used with a VERY powerful amp.