FS: Others Hear.com (Signia Denmark) Horizon 1AX RIC-R Hearing Aid (Warranty till Nov 2025)


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Nov 23, 2022
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No longer in use
This was purchased for an elderly family member in November of last year who unfortunately passed away a couple of months later. Hence, the hearing aid was hardly used, is lying unused and any cash obtained from its liquidation will be quite beneficial to the family.

The MRP of both the aids is 1.28 lakhs and on purchase from hear.com, it cost 90k in total. It comes with 3-year warranty, valid until Nov 2025.

The order was fulfilled locally by Jaipur Hearing Solutions. I have spoken to them and they are looking for customers who might be willing to purchase a pre-owned product. However, since this comes under the premium range, it will be a while before they find someone, since most products sold are in the economy range.

The manager from Jaipur Hearing Solutions has agreed to re-do the calibration at a reasonable cost if it is sold externally. The person I spoke to will do the recalibration within Mumbai, though for other cities, will have to check with their branches. It is also possible to connect with hear.com and inquire about recalibration of existing products.

Price stated is indicative and open to reasonable offers.

https://www.hear.com/hearing-aids/ (It comes under their Premium Technology section)
https://www.signia-pro.com/en/product-portfolio/signia-ax/pure-charge-go-ax/ (As per the model initials PCG1AX, the equivalent Signia model seems to be this one)


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It is fully bluetooth enabled and works fine with Android and iOS which is especially convenient for aged people who are hard of hearing. As mentioned previously, ready to negotiate to any decent price that might work for any person you know of.
Ready to let go of both aids at the price of 1.

Horizon X RIC- Rechargeable Hearing Aids by Hear.com For Right Ear (1X, Black) https://amzn.eu/d/2SCYqtb

I have spoken to the provider and within Mumbai, he will do the recalibration for 1.5k.
Still available. As mentioned previously, willing to let it go for the price of basic aids which have much lower sampling rate (robotic sound), no Bluetooth and need replaceable batteries.